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Hermit Crab Rescue Resort
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Animals up for adoption

Below are some of the animals that are in need of a new home.Copy and past the links into you're browser

Sammae - is a male fixed Tiger cat beleaved to be Part Mainecoon, althouth he is short haired, Very big and beautiful. He is Scared of sudden movements and loud noises. We Rescued him and his sister Sarrah from a home in southern maine, there was people are animal feces on the floor, along with rotton food, not suitable for any human, let alone animals. I got them when they were 4 weeks old, they wer feral when I got them. Now they are almost 2 years old (sept. 10th) click for a pic
Sarrah - Is a Torishell female. She will be fixed before she is adopted out.She is Sammae's sister. She has had a litter of kittens once. She is also very skitish and doesnt like to be held. Click for a pic
Skyler-jade - Male Orange and white cat. He will be one in august. Someone dumped him off at my house. He is VERY lovable. He also will be fixed before being adopted. pic
Damian - Male Black and white cat, Just turned two June 13th. A family member's cat had kittens and I got him and his twin sister becuase they were on there way to the human society. He is very lovable and will be fixed before finding a new home. wanna pic? just click
Tornado is a Eastern Painted Turtle who was taken out of a home by me where she was living in a 5 gallon tank, with no lights, no basking area and only one inch of water. She is now in a 75 gallon tank with all the proper set-up, but she does need to find a forever home that can provide the proper care for her. pic
If you are interested in adopting any of these animals, please e-mail me.

Adoption fee's may very

Please keep in mind that adoption fee's are there becuase the animal is UTD on shots and its fixed, I pay full price for all of this so the animal goes to a good home.

Send us an email

We are located near Bangor Maine.