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Hermit Crab Rescue Resort
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About me

I am 18 years old, In my spare time I play with my animals and work at my other 3 jobs to get as much money as I can to pay for all the animals I take into my home. I pay for the vet bills, food, toys and ect. with my own money. I just Graduated from Hampden Acedemy june of '07 and I am going to collage to be a Meterologist/Tornado Chaser. I love to go camping and be in the water.

My first love is Animals, but I also love weather :-) I have had animals since I was born. I currently have 7 cats, 4 of which are looking for new homes, 4 dogs, 14 hermit crabs, 2 leopard Geckos, 2 Ferrets, 1 turtle, 1 Rabbit, and a fish tank.

The rescue

I started this rescue simply becuase I have seen many Hermit Crabs not being cares for properly or simply that there owners get bored of them because they arnt the cute, playful animal as they had thought, but Hermit Crabs are very playful ans love to socialize!

Our Philosophy

No animal should never be dumped or forgoten, I will take in other animals if they need it, then I will find them the perfect home once back to health if they were sick. I do not beleave in euthanizing any animal unless they are so sick there is no treatment that will help or if they are suffering.

We are located near Bangor Maine.