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Hermit Crab Rescue Resort
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Welcome to Hermit Crab Rescue Resort!

Our mission at Hermit Crab Rescue Resort is to give Hermit Crab's a Second chance at life, Many people get Hermit Crabs thinking the can just throw them in a small container with gravel and comercial food and there all set..well thats not the case. So I am here to take in ANY unwanted Hermit crabs no matter what the reason, no questions asked.
So please, e-mail us if you have a Hermit crab in need.

Our only goal is to help unwanter Hermit crabs but we could also use any help that we could, so if someone who no longer has Hermit Crabs but has there items, we could deffinally use them as we have alot but nothing last forever. The Hermit crabs are always in need of items. Any donation weather it be money or a product goes straight to the hermit Crabs. All procedes go directly to the animals!

one of the tanks we have


Please e-mail us for any additional information.

Please comment on our site, feed back is always welcome :-)

We are located near Bangor Maine.